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{Christmas Giveaway}

Wishing you {Joy} now and throughout the New Year!
-from  Mallory Kate Photography (and hubby) and (beastly dog)
With {Christmas} fast approaching, I decided to a little giveaway -- that turned into a {big} giveaway with 75 entries! {You guys are amazing!} I just went and checked back through the rafflecopter link and sadly even though 75 entered, only a select amount of you are in the giveaway because your following the blog/or (shares for extra entries) do not show up on this site or on {Mallory Kate Photography} on facebook. What can we do to fix it?! First, you would all have to be fans in order to see the giveaway and {liked} my page -- the next thing is to check on the blog. Many people might have signed up and followed the blog anonymously or privately -- and with that rafflecopter cannot verify that you completed the step for the giveaway and your entry is void.

Step 1: On the blog - find the {followers} section. Click {Join this site} and

This site will be added to your Blogger and Friend Connect profiles on all the sites you've joined. You can also see updates on your Blogger Dashboard.
Step 2: Fans that are trying to earn extra entries by {sharing} the giveaway -- for your entry to count -- make sure you go to {Mallory Kate Photography} on facebook and click the share button on one of the Christmas Giveaway posts and share it to your profile. This is what rafflecopter is looking for when giving you an extra entry!
--- whew -- Didn't want anyone to miss out -- so make sure you have your entries in! Mallory Kate Photography will officially have a paypal/account at Independent in the beginning of next year! With weddings, smash parties, boudoir sessions, and more I am branching out -- with many exciting things we are looking forward to the {new year!}
 Good luck to everyone -- I look forward to checking to see who rafflecopter announces and then I will post on Christmas morning before the 8 hour trek  to the Upper Peninsula to celebrate the holidays with my {family}.


{Braylynn is turning O.N.E.}

 If you remember those big, beautiful, blue eyes -- you are remembering this summer session.. Can you believe it, she is getting ready to celebrate her {first} birthday!!! Check out the teasers below -- and as I edit, pictures from this session will be uploaded to {Mallory Kate Photography} on Facebook.

Images Copyright Mallory Kate Photography

{please do not crop or alter image in any way}


{Mr. Max}

This little guy has genes of gold -- with an absolutely adorable big sister, beautiful mama, and handsome dad! Check out the teasers for his session below! As I edit, the rest of his session will be uploaded to {Mallory Kate Photography} on Facebook.

Please do not crop or alter image in anyway -- due to copyright!


{Newborn Session}

 I was very fortunate to meet this adorable little girl and hang out and play with her just as adorable big brother! As always, when photographs are edited they will be first up on this site and then some of the session will be uploaded to my facebook page {Mallory Kate Photography} throughout the weekend!

For such tiny little beings, most don't realize that newborns require the most gear for photography sessions! Check out the teasers below!

{Please do not crop or alter images in any way}


{Rapunzel Birthday Extravaganza}

Here are the teasers for the Rapunzel Birthday Extravaganza!

Please do not crop or alter the images in any way -- The rest of the images from this session including candid Rapunzel pictures with the girls and group pictures will be edited and uploaded to Mallory Kate Photography on Facebook over the upcoming week!

{Happy Birthday Charlotte}

{Hartman Family}

 We were thankful we had another weekend of warmer weather and we met up in Big Rapids for this family session. I see the little guy where I work -- he just recently turned one and everyone is anxiously awaiting the previews for these pictures (just as much as mom and dad I presume)!

Please do not crop or alter the images in any way -- If you want to see the rest of the {Harman} session -- make sure you go to Mallory Kate Photography on Facebook -- the rest of their session will be uploaded in the next several days!

Thanks again Keegan & Amy 



 Family and friends of the Schubergs  some of these photographs will be used for gifts so don't talk about them to "certain" family members  ;) aka Papa & Grandma!!

Check out the teasers!

Want to see more images from their session -- Check out Mallory Kate Photography on Facebook. More pictures will be uploaded throughout the week!!

{Joe & Jennifer}

Our session started off just as chilly as yesterday; however, shortly thereafter the sun came out!! Jennifer is a fashionista picking out a variety of patterns and a play on colors which makes my job easier and editing that much more fun!

  I love hearing new updates about this family and I have never met two people who give so very much!



For her age -- this little girl knows what she wants!! Full of spunk, full of life, and full of giggles!

Check out the teasers below --- more of this session will be uploaded next week on {Mallory Kate Photography} on Facebook. If you use the images to share with family and friends, please do not crop or alter the image in any way. Thank you!


{Guy Family}

Between the wit and sense of humor from J & S and the spunk from the girls -- it is easy to say I adore this family! If I wasn't taking pictures, I could have just chatted all day long!  Check out the fall session teasers below -- and more from this session will be uploaded to Mallory Kate Photography on Facebook - {Guy Family} throughout the week!



When I started attended Ferris back in 2006 -- I ended up living in the same residence hall as Alicia. Through the years we have had several classes and prior work experience together! Around the rain this afternoon, we were able to catch up and take some amazing photographs! Remember to {like} Mallory Kate Photography on Facebook to see the rest of her session. More will be uploaded tomorrow and throughout the upcoming week! Thanks again Alicia!

Um.. seriously love this photo!! This is going in my favorites for sure!

{Jeffrey & Ashleigh}

A huge thank you to Watt's Orchard in Howard City for letting us explore all over the orchard for this session!! It was very hard to decide what to upload and edit for teasers because we took some seriously awesome photographs today!!

Throughout the next coming weeks more pictures will be added on Mallory Kate Photography on Facebook, so make sure you {like} the page to see some of their session!

We will be seeing more of this {family} next year when I photograph their wedding!


{Villringer Family}


 I adore this family -- and was looking forward to this session in sooo many ways!!! We have a ton of amazing images and a sample of them are below!! If you are interested in seeing the rest of this family session, go on over and like {Mallory Kate Photography} on Facebook -- this session will be uploaded throughout the week!!



Jake is a natural in front of the camera -- It was a great paired senior session -- Many more images to come! Make sure to check back on my facebook page {Mallory Kate Photography} this week to see images from his session!


Senior sessions are a lot of fun -- many locations, laid back atmosphere, and a lot of photo options!

With the touch and go weather we had this morning --we still go some amazing shots!!

Check out his teasers below!!