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September Family Sessions

Previews go up on the blog within 48 hours. Your edited images on your disc will be mailed within 7-9 days following the session date! 


The calendar this year is different than normal due to our IVF fall schedule --  we have a line up of appointments from genetic testing and classes to complete before we are able to transfer. With that - I have very limited options this fall. I am so beyond excited to finally get to this point in our infertility journey but it is also very sad as Fall is one of the busiest times and I get to see so many families that I have previously captured and get to meet new ones. This entire year has been a hard journey, a challenge, I am a planner and with not having control of my own schedule - planning has gone out the window. Pending IVF - How many embryo's, if they take, how many take, if they split, etc - will determine spring -- but right now, just planning a season at a time. I have Christmas Mini's out for November and September is filling fast so if interested in these or any other type of session - get on the calendar pronto!! 

If your timing is flexible and these weekend options don't work with your calendar -- I have much more flexibility during the week! 

Many ask about Mini Sessions -- With little ones - smaller attention spans, those fast paced sessions are what they are looking for. Can I capture that many images in that time span - you bet! I am a former teacher (preschool & elementary) working with children is my first nature - photography is my second.  

 If you have more than five in your family, a full session would be recommended! (individual of each child, sibling, family, and spouse shots options)! 

* Mini sessions don't have to be just for a family with children - couples -- want updated images, you can book these too! We can also just capture the kids -- completely up to you!! 

Others -are looking for the Full Sessions - if you are a photog lover like me, some of us just want more images! Full sessions give you more options - as we have more time! 
* Full sessions can be for couples, just the kids, and for families just as the mini - however, but we have more time! <3 

Full sessions are for your immediate family -- if you are thinking of having the grandparents join, etc -- that is a large group session! Full sessions are just for your family! 


September 12th 
Historic Oak View County Park 
(4028 Carya Dr, Raleigh, NC 27610) 

  Love the crisp white on the buildings, the fencing, -- so many textures in one little park! When your session is complete, head over to visit the 5 goats (they just had 2 babies join the pack). Goats will be out on Saturday. 

Session times: 

3:50-4:10pm * Booked Gridley Family 
4:20-4:40pm *Booked Shemanski Family

September 13th
Historic Oak View County Park 
(4028 Carya Dr, Raleigh, NC 27610)  

9:30-9:50am *Booked Brock Family 
10:30-10:50am * Booked Chatten Family

A few images taken at HOVCP from previous sessions: 

September 26th 
Anderson Point Park 
(20 Anderson Point Dr Raleigh, NC 27610) 

  From the tall grass, walkways, swings, amphitheater, open fields, to the cottage -- this park is a gem! 

Session Times
1:00-2:00pm *Booked - Haxton Family
4:45-5:45pm * Booked -- Killion Family

Images from APP: 

To fully reserve your slot: 
Mini Sessions are asked to be paid in full prior to the session. I shoot fast paced and back-to-back; therefore, it makes it much easier to not have to handle payments at these sessions. Mini sessions are non-refundable so please pencil in on your calendar once you reserve your slot -- don't worry, I will send out a reminder of your time slot, the address, where to park! - If we have inclement weather, we will do a rain date. 

Full Sessions - I ask for a $50 non-refundable retainer be submitted to reserve your family slot. This applies to your session total, so the day of the session the remaining balance is $60. If we have inclement weather, we will do a rain date! 

If you are interested in booking ~ please message me over on FB at Mallory Kate Photography or email me at Retainer payments can be made via Paypal, Credit Card, or by check.  

If you have any questions, please let me know ~ mkp 


{Christmas Mini Sessions | MKP}

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year    
Time to get ready for those Holiday Mini Sessions Folks!! 

3 Christmas Mini Sessions to choose from: 

* This House Believes in Santa 
* Silent Nights
* Christmas Tree Farm 

A Mini Session - is a predetermined date and a predetermined location where I shoot back to back!  You read over and find a mini that is {you} -- when ready to book, email me: or message me on Facebook with what mini and what time slot you would like! You submit your non-refundable retainer to reserve your time slot/date! This can paid via credit card or Paypal. 

Following the sessions, I will edit and when all client discs are complete and ready to be mailed, I will place previews up for viewing on my page & blog. Normally, I put previews up within 24 hours; however, by putting previews up once discs are out, I can maximize my time to getting client images out the fastest way! This leaves you with plenty of time to get cards/holiday prints ordered! Each session comes with a print release! Previews will be watermarked, the images on your discs will be un-watermarked! 

Please read over the three options available -- to see what {mini} is just right for {you!} 


Christmas Mini Option #1 
{This House Believes in Santa | $63} 

Get those Christmas jammies ordered - as this mini it is all about jumping on the bed! Here in the preview picture, the same sheets we will be using are in use; however, the day of the sessions we will have a queen size bed and frame up!  This session is geared for the kids! In addition, we will also have {Christmas} sugar cookies and milk!  Because of the bed - little ones can be included in this mini! 

*20 Minute Session 
* session location:     Holly Springs, NC
* 14 total images received (7 in color, same 7 in black & white)
* each image edited
* print release, edited images mailed on a disc a few days following the session

** So I can get client discs out as fast as possible, previews will go up once post processing is complete. **

This House Believes in Santa - will take place Saturday, November 14th 
(Sunday, November 15th as a rain date) 

Time Slots Available
2:00-2:20 * Booked, H family
3:30-3:50 * Booked, S family 


Christmas Mini Option #2
{Silent Night | $63} 

This Mini is geared for just the kids * I didn't have my Christmas Tree up when I took this image of my nieces and nephew this past weekend; however, in the corner of the room will be a tree! Kids sit on a farmhouse bench and we take two sets of images; one with a classic Christmas book and two, looking inside a present. Both will cast glows upon faces! Not geared for newborns/babies

*20 Minute Session 
* session location:     Holly Springs, NC
* 14 total images received (7 in color, same 7 in black & white)
* Snowglobe Holiday Image will also be added to your disc
* each image edited
* print release, edited images mailed on a disc a few days following the session! 

** So I can get client discs out as fast as possible, previews will go up once post processing is complete. **

Silent Night- will take place Saturday, November 21st 

Time Slots Available
2:00-2:20 *Booked B family 
3:30-3:50 *Booked W family


Christmas Mini Option #3
{Christmas Tree Farm | $70} 

This {Mini} is geared for everyone - I can just capture the kids or I can capture the entire family-- some images of just the kids, some of the family, and some just of mom & dad! $10 from each session goes to the Greenhouse Picker Sisters for the Vintage Prop Rentals for these sessions! With this package deal - not only do we have rows of pristine tree's to use as our backdrop, we can interchange with the old vintage sled, bench, chairs, etc which will give you a wide variety of options! 

Session Location: Dunn, NC Christmas Tree Farm
*20 Minute Session 
* 14 total images received (7 in color, same 7 in black & white)
* each image edited
* print release, edited images mailed on a disc a few days following the session! 

 ** So I can get client discs out as fast as possible, previews will go up once post processing is complete. **


check out some of these props... 

The Christmas Tree Farm is a full working farm - therefore, after your session please visit by the entrance for wagon rides, homemade wreaths, cider, gift shop and more! (You can also go and pick out your tree!) 

This session will take place on Saturday, December 5th!! Sunday, December 6th - I will spend the entire day post processing your images - so you will still have plenty of time to get cards ordered and out to loved ones! Discs will be mailed December 7th; however, I will also be doing a meet-up with a Cary & Holly Springs location where you can then pick up and receive your disc on the 7th, as I know many will be so excited to get those greeting cards ordered! 

Christmas Tree Farm - Time Slots Available 

9:30-9:50am* booked L family
10:00-10:20am * booked K family 
10:30-10:50am   * booked Na family
11:00-11:20am *booked S family
11:30-11:50am * booked No family
12:00-12:20pm *booked Ho family
12:30-12:50pm *booked Mu family 
2:00-2:20pm * booked Mo family
2:30-2:50pm * booked A family 
3:00-3:20pm * booked Ha family
3:30-3:50pm * booked R family


Session locations will be revealed to clients who book! Before the session date, I will touch back in with each client with GPS address, where to park, where to meet me, etc! 

Due to the fast paced nature of the mini session - no wardrobe changes are permitted! 

As each family has a specific time slot - please show up early vs. showing up late! I will have another client and their time starts at their designated spot, so if late - it only affects your family! 

Please submit payment to secure your slot. If your deposit is not received, I will contact you and if no feedback, I will open your slot back up to the clients waiting on the waitlist! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know ~ MKP 


{Kinlee | K turns 4}

When we moved from MI to NC we left behind family (including a lot of our nieces and nephews), friends, coworkers, you know - the peeps you see on a regular basis.

When you move like that the first people you meet and the first to make an impression are those you live near! I can truly say that we have been beyond lucky (outside of the "one" bylaw neighbor on our street). 

Game nights, bonfire's, cookouts, craft nights, photoshoots, serving, community events, afternoon swimming, -- we really, really got lucky in the neighbor department. This family is just one of many families who not only do I get to chat with, see at events, etc.... I also get the privilege of capturing their children throughout each year! 

 Each and every time I see her, I get that big Kinlee smile! (usually a hug and/or a wave as well!) 

:) Her birthday previews are ready!  :) 

Disc will be ready for you within a week! 
© Mallory Kate Photography 

When using the images on social media, FB has their own compression and more often than not the logo is cropped out. No worries! Just do us a favor and tag, Mallory Kate Photography in the description! 

Forest Fairy Mini Sessions

forest fairies } 

Before being able to launch these mini's - I had to wait for the wings to arrive! Over a month later and reroutes from Colorado, Alabama, to Michigan - they are finally at their desired location here in NC! 

If {you} have an enchanted fairy at home ~ this mini is just for you! 

{   What is a Mini?  }

A mini is a date or a series of dates where I shoot back-to-back at a pre-determined location. You show up for your desired slot - and  following your session, previews will be up within 24 hours and within 7 days following the session you will have your edited images on a disc mailed your way! 

This particular mini session takes place in Fuquay-Varina, NC. 

Dates of the Mini: 

Wednesday, August 12th 
Times Available: 2:30-2:50pm, 3:00-3:20pm, 3:30-3:50pm 

Sunday, August 16th
Times Available: 2:30-2:50pm, 3:00-3:20pm, 3:30-3:50pm 

{ What is Included? } 

* 20 minute session
* 2 options for wings: 
pink recommended for younger ages (4-6)
 blue recommended for older ages, 6+
* print release
* golden halo head wrap prop
* previews within 24 hours
* You receive 7 images in color and those same 7 in black & white
(we can do some with the wings and some without, your preference!)

$63 non-refundable retainer is due upon booking to reserve your mini session timeslot! 

Payment can be accepted online via credit card or online through Paypal. 
When you are ready to book your forest fairy mini - please message me on FB or email me at

Mini Sessions are First Come, First Serve! 
Please arrive on time! As I have clients back to back, to honor their time their session will start at that reserved slot; therefore, if a client is late - it will only affect them and their personal session. 


{Headshots -- Revamped}

Minus my day starting out with traffic & tears -- this adorable couple started a busy workday and serving day off in a dream setting and they were a dream to capture behind the lens. 

Your disc will be finalized by Tuesday!!!

Wait until you see them all! :) 

© Mallory Kate Photography 


{Ferguson | Maternity}

Feel free to share this blog post with family/friends! I know FB crops images due to its own proportions; therefore if using the images on social media and if the logo is cropped out, please tag Mallory Kate Photography as the exposure keeps our small business going and growing! 

Images © Mallory Kate Photography