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{Bridal Portraits | Tracy}

This was such a fun session ~ she knew exactly the location she wanted (downtown FV) with a stop on some backroads in HS for shots with the jeep! 

Wedding days pretty much guarantee a lot of hustle and bustle -- and getting bridal portraits before the big day with the focus entirely on you is not only common, but a nice way to make sure you will get memories captured of just {you} in your dress. (The only pictures from my wedding day in my dress of just me are in the prep room, which was a preschool room in the basement -- so trust me, I know the disappointments). 

Now a bride in her dress is not a moment to ruin, so nothing was posted -- and then I got very, very sick so that leads us to now -- I am finally playing catch up and so excited to share some of these beauties: 


Images by Mallory Kate Photography 


Bed Rest Bound

IVF / Pregnancy Updates: 

It has been a long time since I have been able to update the blog in full.. We are getting closer and closer to meeting our little miracle baby (I was put on strict bedrest due to a sudden onset of 
pre-eclampsia and they won't let me go past the 37 week mark) so I am laying in bed and finally getting in some much needed updates! 

Last fall -- I could only book so many sessions as we were prepping to transfer (IVF process where they implant the embryos back inside the uterus). 

We didn't tell family, friends, neighbors, supporters as I didn't want the stress or checking in or the what if it doesn't work which I have seen happen to so many IVF friends.. We transferred two (one boy and one girl) -- one made it. We almost lost the other near Christmas but little babe is a fighter! 

Once we had 3 ultrasounds under our belt at the 7.5 week mark - we put together a little reveal video and shared the great news. It was early, but at that point I would have wanted the support if something bad were to have happened. 
I faced three different periods of bedrest this pregnancy from the threatened miscarriage, the sickness, and now again with pre-e until delivery. I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum with my pregnancy (extreme vomiting/sickness).  I had never even heard of the condition until I was diagnosed. Temporary, not pleasant in the slightest, but baby is healthy and it is part of the journey on our path to our miracle baby! 

Session Updates: 

So from now to fall -- I will officially be off from clients. Will restart with a "few" full's & mini's this fall here in NC. 

We also have a trip to Michigan for a week in November in the Grand Rapids/Big Rapids area -- I will open up slots there as well starting in August! 

 Baby Gear -- because it is so cute! 

We do not know gender, so nursery will be finished once he/she arrives and we get the name decal ordered for above the crib in purple or green -- otherwise, the rest of the nursery is gray, turquoise, with brown/white accents. 

Here are a few of baby gifts we received -- that I can't wait to put to use! 

They sent us a free gray swaddle along with the wrap that was gifted to us. 

I {love} turquoise -- if you haven't noticed. 

2. Binxy Baby - Shopping Cart Hammock 
3. Peanut Changer 
4. Boon Lawn & Baby Brezza 
5. Lille Baby Carrier (All Seasons) & Activity Gym 

Due to bedrest -- I am not really moving from the bed, so other favorites are: 
Graco Rock n Play 
Activ3 Stroller 

and baby O was really spoiled at showers with tons of wipes, diapers, gender neutral clothing, bibs, burp cloths, toys -- and more! 

Gender Reveal

We have an old vintage American Flag that is packed along with a red, white, and blue bow and bow-tie -- once we know gender, baby will be wrapped in a white muslin and with the flag the reveal picture will be posted! 

On the baby pool -- Team Tessa was in the lead. We will know in 1-14 days! 

Will be updating the blog with long over-due pictures from sessions here over the next several days!