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{Asher | Basic Newborn Session}

This sweet little man blessed his family with an early arrival on February 13th and he is all sorts of perfect! 

I was pleased to meet not only his mother, but I was also able to spend some time with his adorable big sister and grandma! {J} family -- Congratulations on the addition to your family! 

Without further ado, please enjoy these previews from his session! 

I proudly introduce, Asher Montana........

those toes!! 

he was such a champ during his session, and we were able to get so many great shots!

 sweet dreams little man, sweat dreams! 

lil' stud muffin

{as a Packer fan, I don't cheer for Vikings very often, this is an exception!}

snuggly, warm, and perfect! 

I do hope you enjoyed these previews! Please feel free to share this page for family and friends to see. If you like my work, hit like as throughout the weekend/next week -- you may see other glimpses from his session as I edit! © Mallory Kate Photography - Please do not crop, alter, or edit these images in any way. 


{Time to Book Your Spring Mini!}

Please browse through the following options and decide on what mini(s) you would like to book! 

Mini Sessions are days when I shoot back-to-back at pre-determined locations! Due to the nature of the fast paced sessions, your non-refundable retainer in full is required to reserve your families allotted time. You can pay via paypal to reserve your retainer immediately!! When you are ready to book and receive time slot information  -- email me at 

Mini Sessions are First Come, First Serve! 

Mini Sessions Include: 
  • 20 minute session
  • up to 5 people for the family mini 
  • each image edited
  • 10 images given in a downloadable gallery with a print release 
  • does not apply for newborns 

Mini Session Purchasing

 1 Mini = $63

2 Mini's - $113 

3 Mini's - $165 

Following completion of your mini session, a preview will go up for viewing at MKP within 48 hours! Your digital images and your release will be sent within 7 days following the completed session date. 

Are you wondering if you want more time with the camera -- consider booking a {full}! You receive more edited images and have more time with me behind the camera -- I have a dozen dates left for Spring! 

  • Please plan to arrive at your mini a few minutes early! It is better to be early than late! I will have families booked to back-to-back; therefore, if you are late - I only have your allotted time to work with you so it will only hurt you if your family is late. 
  • Due to the nature of mini sessions, we don't do any wardrobe changes those are reserved for full sessions. 
  • If you have a little one that you would like captured during a mini, just contact me -- I can bring additional props! However, mini's don't work with itty witty newborns, sorry! 
  • If we have inclement weather on the date of the mini, your retainer will be applied to a rain date! 
  • MKP will send you a reminder email a few days before your scheduled mini!


{Mommy & Me}

My very first {mommy & me} shots for MKP were taken of my beautiful sisters with their little ones 6-7 years ago! Since then, I have come a long way with learning manual mode, posing, lighting, and editing techniques alike. I am always learning!  

These are literally one of my favorite types of shoots to capture behind the lens. 


No one loves their child more than you! However, you are the one always taking the pictures, never the focus! 

I see it in old students and I see it with my nieces and nephews, they grow up way to fast -- I miss my little Landon (my nephew) and our old Oscar (our bff penguins) bed-time routine -- now it's X-box, Minecraft, and more techy stuff that is over my head -- life happens, they grow up, so I love that while they are still young, to capture the bond! 

This years -- Mommy & Me Mini location is amazing! So many textures, beautiful lighting, and the rest is about you and your little one(s)! 

Check out these beautiful images -- Mommy & Me 2015 Spring Mini Preview by Mallory Kate Photography! 


Dad's -- these will take place a few weeks before Mother's Day, surprise the wife!

Mom's -- Get a few friends and their little ones to book back-to-back! Make a day out of it! 

Will you be taking the plunge and finally getting a session {focused} on you?! 


{Superhero Snack Down}

 -- Every little man has a favorite superhero -- 

Some aspire and look up to {batman} 

Run, chase, climb, build, tear apart, make a mess, get dirty -- mom's of boys -- you know these things equal boy -- so we have fun at Superhero shoots!

I am not a movie person, I am a strange American who does not enjoy watching movies -- so I have no clue what most of these Superhero's are hero's for -- but I have heard these names mentioned a ton of times on Big Bang Theory!

Then we have this little one, so, so adorable! -- aspires for both {batman} and to be a {minion} - How would that name work out? {bation} {batmion} {binion}

Spiderman is next -- 

thankfully, he was kind enough to let me see him! 

really, it was just a cookie break! 

Hulk -- Incredible Hulk -- showing off his moves (and his eyes)! 

Superhero shoots are just fun! 

So -- what superhero is your little man's favorite? 

 -- behind the scenes, I have been busy and am still busy working on a huge new section of the blog! I have been traveling to parks, farms, etc.. all over the Triangle and taking pictures at each location. Thanks for all the great recommendations of new places to visit on the Facebook posts btw! Next time you go to book a full session and aren't sure where/what textures/what it will look like -- you can browse and shop as I will have laid out all the ground work! If I have previously had a session there, I will also upload samplers of those so you can get the full effect! 

A lot of times, photographers want to hide their favorite locations, when in reality -- we are here with the same purpose, to capture moments in peoples lives -- I have been to many parks with other photographers present -- nothing is a secret and it should be out and readily available to make your session booking a smooth process! 

In other news, I am less than a week away from posting Spring Mini Session Dates! These will be the only mini's taking place this season, with limited time slots for each date -- so if you are finally ready to get out from being behind the camera and in the mix of memories, then make sure to keep posted when everything gets announced! The first day, everything will be discounted $63 $55! 

It would be so greatly awesome, if you could share this information with friends, neighbors, family, other mom's you know to help get these sessions booked! As I am going through IVF, my summer schedule is kind of out of my control so if I could get these sessions all booked out, that would be amazing! 

We will have the classic, {Mommy & Me} 
Mini Option #1 

If you have not had a session (ever) with just you and your kids -- go -- book this out of all the sessions first, get these memories! 

We will have {Superhero Snack Down}
Mini Option #2 
If your little man is Superhero fan -- capture the imagination, free spirit, creativity, and young smiles now! 

Cookies, Milk, & your Favorite Superhero! 

{Vintage Tea for 2}
Mini Option #3
Lace, Burlap, Table, Chairs, and a Tea Party set up for your little girl(s) and her favorite stuffed animal / doll.
 Preview Image Coming Soon!

{A few spots will be available for Spring - Family Mini's
Mini Option #4
Strawberry Patch {check} ---- Spring Mini {check} ---- Adorable Family Photographs {check, check}

Mini Option #5
Lastly, just for Easter! Easter Mini's with a bunny! Not your bunny you will find a mall, no -- MKP will have a real bunny! Sorry, we don't have previews to show for this as we only have the bunny for a short while. I should have recorded my husband's reaction when I told him I was renting a bunny! As it gets closer, we can post which critter we are receiving from the farm! 

Bulk Mini Purchasing

1 Mini = $63
Except the first day, when all mini's will be marked to $55! 

2 Mini's - $120 (first day, $110)

3 Mini's - $165 

When time slots are posted -- they will be first come, first serve! Limited spots available per mini!


{Mid-Week Challenge}

As a photographer, I get into phases where I don't have the camera out for personal use -- just for business.  When I get out of that phase, I then always have my camera and am taking pictures of the most random things! It happens! Looking back, some of the times when I have been in the rut -- and didn't have my camera on me, now I wish I did -- some of those moments of places we been, things we've done because I needed to take a break - If you have been out of the rut of taking pictures -- then this {Mid-Week Challenge} is just for you! 

Don't wait until your next scheduled session to capture your family in-the-now. If you don't have a SLR camera, no worries -- use your phone! Capture your kids with things they love to do {right now}! Print them! Put these images out and around the house for you, your children, your guests, your family to see! Don't forget to email grandparents copies as well, they love that kind of stuff! Down the road, you will be glad you did! 

Aren't these two adorable! One of my nephews and one of my nieces! Love capturing the two of them together! 

Mid Week Challenge Tips
  • Capture photographs of their favorite things to do, favorite things to eat, story time, bedtime, playtime....
  • Get up close and personal -- when capturing them, don't go for landscape -- zoom in, make it personal, get close!
  • When your kids come home from school, capture them holding their artwork out at you, report card, a good grade! 
  • Try different angles! Photographs do not need to be you looking at the subject -- if they are playing with pretend food for example, stand on a chair and shoot above them! 

Don't have kids, no worries there -- you're not alone. Capture favorites within your house, take beauty in what is around you! Here is my {mid-week challenge} -- taken this morning! 

Valentine's are being sent out today for Grace, Kate, Landon, Kamryn, Matthew, Elizabeth, Lucas, Kathryn, Preston, Asher, Aaron, Jessica, Eric, Hannah, Will, Jo, Emily, and Jonathan! 

I have a thing for globes..I love them! If I see one, I buy it -- and plan to fill my house with old maps and globes! 

I apparently have a {thing} for H flowers! Hyacinths, Hydrangeas, Hollyhocks -- and then my most favorite ruins that pattern: sunflowers! (p.s. Thank you Kyla for my Farmhouse Jar!)

My breakfast every morning -- the red switches between that, strawberries, and raspberries - I am a routine person.. OCD in a way, not a fan of change, so I stick to my bowl of fruit! 

Now it's your turn!
         My Challenge for you today is to capture something unique about 
     your family, in your home, etc -- make sure to post back for proof that 
                                    you did!