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{Williams Family}

Following a session, it is not just importing/watermarking/uploading the images -It is several hours of work before anything is ready to go up!  Hard to tell in most of these images; however, that is due to post processing and editing time. In several of these images were straight lines of rain. Now, not so visible! 
At the session, you have the RAW image that is on the camera -- and then once it is uploaded and I toss it through: PS, LR, PP (toggle back and forth, sometimes one will go through all and more than once) -- and then it is finally an image by MKP and one that will go up on the blog. They don't look like the images that were straight on the back of the camera, they are no longer RAW files, -- they are edits that I spend time on to make sure they represent me and my style of work!

One family member may look familiar :)  -- we just did her senior session and she is gearing up for those final days! With her getting ready to graduate and her brother gearing up for braces -- it was a rain or shine shoot and we made it work! 

Please enjoy these previews --- the last the blog will see until July! 

Look forward to nautical mini sessions in July! At that point, we will pick back up with sessions for a short while before closing down again due to IVF. 



It was a beautiful evening with these three several evenings ago! The lighting was perfect! Location was pristine! The clients -- well, you'll see in the previews below -- beautiful! 

If you haven't been to the WRAL gardens -- add it to your list of the thousand other places in the triangle that are amazing to visit! 

--- Mallory Kate Photography will be closing down in a few nights until the end of June due to medical lift restrictions in place for prep for a surgery.  Nautical mini sessions will take place in July in addition to Ice Cream Sundae Mini's in August. 

Thanks always for your support ~ Mallory  


Basic Newborn Session | Miller

Sweet baby Millie was a dream baby for her newborn shoot ~ the little spurts of smiles in her session, oh I can't wait for her mama to see them all!! 

From her early arrival and through time in the NICU, this family is happy to have everyone home! Although I was only there for a few hours they made the transition from a family of three to a family of four sure look easy.

Previews for Miller...

 Isn't she absolutely adorable? 

Caption from dad, "She looks like a little pioneer baby!" 

Can't wait to get the rest of these images to you soon! Thanks for looking! 
© Mallory Kate Photography


{Gender Reveal & Molly is 4!}

{reserved} -- family of 5! 

Girls vs. Boys 

Team Pink or Team Turquoise?! 

Molly will now have {two} little brothers!! I'm sure she will be just as great with new baby as she is with her best friend / bro / sib -- aka, Jack! 

Celebrating #3

Had to put in some of Miss Molly as well, -- the big 4.0 birthday!! Big deal turning 4! 

Gender reveal -- pregnancy reveal -- just you, spouses, or including the family -- personal touches to document big changes and blessings to your family.