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{Basic Newborn Session : Salisbury Family}

 Each and every newborn session is unique! I always tell the parents, we shoot around the baby. These tiny little beings have a lot of needs. This beautiful baby girl was no different. She wanted nothing to do with the bean pod, heating blanket, etc -- she only liked being in the baskets -- all snuggly and warm. I could have done a ton of different posing options -- but for this session, I didn't as the baby didn't want that. So we have a complete mixture of poses with her in the baskets and 100% worked around the baby to keep her happy! Thanks to Fabric & Fancies (link is below) -- we didn't have to move the baby and I just switched out the headbands and tiebacks with ease! Her products are hand-made with love and I love using them! 

I know Mom and Dad are probably anxiously awaiting seeing these -- feel free to share the link with family/friends! Will have the rest of your edits out to you as soon as I can! 

Headbands & Tie-Backs: Fabric & Fancies 
Wraps / Felt Covers: Etsy 
Bunny Hat: Amy Hartman 

{Finley is 1}

It has been months since I have been back with the camera gear -- for those that don't follow on FB, I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum = extreme, extreme sickness with my pregnancy. It took the OB team countless rounds of meds and the right dosages to get me where I currently am which is leaps and bounds from being on bedrest a few months ago. Taking it day by day and counting down to July! 

Now that I have good days here and there, I have been slowly booking out sessions again and Mr. Finley was one of them! Last year - I captured his newborn session in preparation for our first egg retrieval of the three and now here he is getting ready to celebrate with family, friends, and elmo for the big first birthday!  

Here a few images of his session so Mom can see some previews :) 

Sometimes for 1 year sessions, couples go the traditional cake smash session route -- this family captures the 1 year old's artwork! 

Working on more previews from a newborn session and tomorrow will finalize your post processing!